Tunda Island, Your Vacation Destination

Tunda Island, Your Vacation Destination, In addition to snorkeling paradise, of course Tunda Island is a barn of various types of fish.
Tunda Island, Your Vacation Destination

For those of you who do not have a plan to fill the holiday, I try to give alternatives. Tunda Island in Serang, Banten, Indonesia you can make fill your vacation destination.

On the island, you can do snorkeling because the underwater os Tunda Island is still very nice and relatively unspoilt. Around the island is a coral reef that is very special. Then, please try snorkeling in there. I am sure you will come again and again.

Tunda Island In addition to snorkeling paradise

In addition to snorkeling paradise, of course Tunda Island is a barn of various types of fish. Therefore, fishing tour to the island you can also schedule it. I am also sure you will come again and again.

Defer to arrive on the island is not difficult. From Jakarta, if you ride public transportation (bus), you get off at Terminal Pakupatan. From the terminal, you can ride public transportation to Pasar Lama, in there a public transportation will bring you to Port Karangantu.

If you do not want complicated, you can charter public transportation from Terminal Pakupatan to Karangantu, a matter not fare too expensive anyway.

The travel time from Terminal Pakupatan to Karangantu too soon. The most an hour’s drive even faster than that. The access road to the location is pretty good, so it is guaranteed smoothly.

Arrived at the Port Karangantu, you go down in the Pos Monitor Navy / Polair. There, there is a ferry ready to take you to the Pulau Tunda. Do not be surprised about the charges, only IDR17 thousand to IDR20 thousand.

A ferry that will take across your Tunda Island is only one trip only. Departing every 14.00. And remember, not every day there is a ferry to get there. If not mistaken, boat transport to the Tunda Islan only on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Sunday no ships operating. Unless you charter the boat around Karangantu.

Because the ferry trip only once, then you are forced to stay out on the island. For new ships will cross ashore the next day. But do not worry, there is a guest house that is ready to use there.

On the island, you can ask a lot of things to the people around, ranging from snorkeling to fishing spot spots frequented anglers from various regions.

Tunda Island, Your Vacation Destination

Tunda Island, Snorkel booking events

You can even snorkel booking events and so forth. A tourist guide community can tell you abaout everyting you needed. You simply call the person, the deal price, then you need not worry about the ship, lodging, or a snorkeling and fishing.

If you really want to get there, I can provide contact numbers of the tourist guides that will make you satisfied traveled to the island Pause. Please send us a message in this web, then will I love her phone number hehehe.

Well, if you are already on the island of Tunda, please enjoy the underwater beauty. Especially for anglers, please enjoy the strike sensation.

But while the fishing was postponed desire. Wait for next month, between February or March. Fish On!